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What do you love to do most?  Whatever it is, doesn’t it get your full and undivided attention? If you love someone, doesn’t that same feeling automatically apply? Love is the most powerful force that anyone can experience. When you love something with all your heart, the extraordinary can and does happen. Love is at the same time protective and inspirational, forgiving and challenging.  The world needs more love. Loving our true nature blesses not just ourselves, but all whom we think about, and this will in turn bless the world.


This book is unique.  The Christianity of the author shines through this book for it written from the heart. But it is certainly not limited to Christianity or those of a religious persuasion. It is about the universal power of love,  a power we have all known and experienced. It is addressed to everyone who wants to identify and prove the reality of not just their true potential but also that of all those they meet, and with whom they have contact.


Love has been the driving force in the writing of this book. It should be in every home and office as a constant support and reference.